Troy A. Baker
Master's in Computer Science


I'm Troy Baker, M.S. in Computer Science. I have a strong background in machine learning, theory of computation, and computer graphics. But recently I've decided to expand beyond academia (leaving behind my little PhD cubby) to develop skills for my real passions, software architecture and program management.

For the past 3½ years, I have been in graduate school working towards a PhD, researching rigidity theory (in the field of combinatorial geometry.) In addition to the purely theoretical aspect of this research, I also spent time developing novel algorithms and working on several programming projects of various scale. Through this work, I realized it was the engineering aspect of computer science I enjoyed. I also developed a passion for teaching, which I have found to be invaluable in every setting.

Whether it's new academic pursuits, rock climbing, fencing, teaching, things too nerdy to mention... when I am passionate, I dedicate myself to learning and practicing. I am always trying to broaden my worldview. For me, computer science brings together so many opportunities that make me passionate.

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