Troy A. Baker
Computer Science Professional


I'm Troy Baker, computer science professional with a masters in CS.

As a professional, I've been a full stack developer with a passion for web design, database design, software architecture, and authentication & authorization. My strong leadership and organizational skills have also led to a growing interest in program management.

As a student, I developed a strong background in machine learning, theory of computation, and computer graphics. In graduate school, I researched rigidity theory (in the field of combinatorial geometry.) In addition to the purely theoretical aspect of this research, I also spent time developing novel algorithms and working on several programming projects of various scale. I also developed a passion for teaching, which I have found to be invaluable in every setting.

Whether it's new academic pursuits, rock climbing, fencing, teaching, or things too nerdy to mention... when I am passionate, I dedicate myself to learning and practicing. I am always trying to broaden my worldview. For me, computer science brings together so many opportunities that make me passionate.

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